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Delta Neutral Hedging

We marry our quantitative foundation to discretionary risk management. Our systematic techniques are augmented by adaptive hedging of exposures through secondary securities such as delta one derivatives, options, and other structured products which we trade via alternative trading systems, allowing us to source deeper liquidity. By way of tactical asset advisory, we aim to gain strategic exposure to idiosyncratic cryptoasset risk premia as a complement to our systematic strategies.


Through the tactical use of options contracts traded over-the-counter, we maintain a constant downside hedge against the cryptoassets we hold in inventory.

Being a data-driven asset manager, we harness advanced derivative analytics to repeatably execute multi-leg block trades, further contributing to our active share.

While our high-frequency strategies minimize market impact through incremental liquidity provision, we also minimize price impact in our discretionary strategies by opting to participate in post-trade impact environments such as dark pools and OTC markets.