Pareto is a quantitative digital asset management firm trading in global cryptocurrency markets. We employ alternative algorithmic strategies to generate consistent, risk-adjusted alpha for our capital partners.

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Our Philosophy

Our investment philosophy is grounded in the belief that the search for returns in today’s financial markets demands ever more imagination, innovation, and conviction. As a result, all of our operational, financial, and technological decisions are guided by a contrarianism that demands diverse and inventive approaches to thinking and problem-solving. Inspired by the philosophy of Vilfredo Pareto himself, we harness the powerful insights derived from the modern world of data proliferation to provide our partners with optimal and sustainable return on their investment.

Algorithmic market making, event-driven strategies, intrinsic evaluations, and data-driven market analytics - these are just a few of the strategies we employ at Pareto.

With expertise ranging from applied topology, non-linear dynamics, stochastic analysis, and machine learning to systems architecture, market microstructure, and strategic asset allocation, we maintain a high echelon of technical and financial competency. That, coupled with our proven track record of scaling ventures of all stripes, is systemic to generating alpha consistently for our investors.

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