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Synthetic Hedging in Directional Investment Strategies

Departure from non-directionality can be beneficial to managers who are willing to look past the convention that non-directionality can intrinsically provide returns. Given the increasing density of event divergent from the EMH, onboarding of strategic directionality allows the managers to achieve the portfolio-level hedge that is being sought.

On the Development of Systematic Crypto Strategies: Bayesian Optimization and Game Theory

Here, we examine the inefficiencies present in the markets of lesser-known tokens, focusing on liquidity beta and strategies to generate alpha around the phenomenon.

Shifting Tectonics of US Dollar Hegemony

While the mighty US dollar continues to reign supreme in global markets, the greenback’s dominance may well be more fragile than it appears. The modernization of China’s exchange-rate system and burgeoning institutional adoption of digital currencies like Bitcoin could deal the dollar’s hegemonic status a painful blow. Rapid geopolitical developments in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and the widespread financial sanctions that have followed, may accelerate a shift away from the long-standing status quo of USD controlled global trade.

Visualizing Shifting Correlations in Financial Markets: Novel Analytical Approaches

Exploring innovative frameworks for better understanding portfolio risk through visualizing shifting asset correlations.

Mining Mutualism: The symbiotic relationship between renewable energy and crypto mining

Cryptocurrency mining has the potential to address the biggest bottlenecks in renewable energy solutions and accelerate their adoption.