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Our strategy

At Pareto, we seek strategic exposure to the otherwise volatile digital asset markets through a multi-strategy investment approach which combines systematic, high-frequency strategies with tactical risk management. Through a coalescence of quantitative and qualitative tools, we aim to identify statistically robust market inefficiencies which create unique entrance opportunities into these emerging markets.

We believe a strong culture of rigorous analysis and scientific research, supported by a robust infrastructure, is the bedrock of a successful quantitative investment process. From signal detection to trade execution, our programmatic strategies run on advanced computational techniques which have been developed in-house and are continually optimized through rigorous analysis, testing, and validation. Our flagship strategy leverages this proprietary trading technology to engage in high-frequency market making and arbitrage activities, providing liquidity to listed digital asset markets by quoting bids and asks across order books.

We also devote a large share of our attention to discretionary investment activities which seek to augment our systematic strategies with idiosyncratic risk premium generated from satellite investing. Our adaptive, discretionary management of risk through over-the-counter markets and structured products aims to hedge downside exposure while maintaining a low correlation to broader markets and macroeconomic variables.

High-Frequency Market Making

We employ a suite of arbitrage strategies providing liquidity to listed crypto markets by quoting bids and asks across order books.

Delta Neutral Hedging

Our systematic techniques are augmented by discretionary management of risk through over-the-counter block trading and derivative products.

Monetized Cash Position

We continuously search for better ways to earn yield on our assets that are not allocated to our systematic or discretionary strategies.